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win7 64-bit activation tool - Windows 7 ultimate Activate method tutorial

First we spread differences between 64-bit and 32-bit: could you try to use Microsoft Official original mirror installation, because genuine than all the so-called "compact, pure version of" revised system more secure! So how to select 32-bit and 64-bit? If your memory is less than 4GB, select the 32-bit version; if memory is greater than 4GB, then select the 64-bit version.

Win7 activation tool how do 64-bit ultimate version activation

We download a win7 Ultimate 64-bit version of the original image file. And then install it, buy windows 7 product key, installed the system, then we can start to activate.

Windows 7 Professional SP1 Product Key

First step: download the activation tool 16.0 molding package to extract the storm after installation click on run (see native system: Windows 7 64-bit)


Step two: click the a button permanently activate button to activate, the activation process may have intercepted by anti-virus software, if success is not activated, please close all anti-virus and activated again.


Step three: about 5-20 in the activation process seconds. Activation is successful, restart the computer


Activate tool operation is very simple,

  1. 1. download
  2. 2. install
  4. 4. activation
  5. 5. Restart
  6. 6. windows 7 activation is successful!

You can follow the tutorial to activate activation is successful, win8 and win10 as well as other versions of system activation.

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