How to Activate Windows 10 Pro Permanently after 180 Days

This method also applies to: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Enterprise

Universally acknowledged that if you are using Microsoft Toolkit or KMSpico to activate Windows 10, it is a volume license KMS client which requires reactivation every 180 days, so is there a way to get a permanent activation for Windows 10? The answer is Yes!!

The 180 Activation Period only applies to companies that use volume activation under a type of licensing called KMS (Key Management Server). To stay compliant, company computers must reactivate against a KMS every 6 months. Companies can also use MAK (Multiple Activation Key) which works similar to a store bought key where you activate it 1 time and don't think about activation again.

Disadvantages of using KMSPICO for activating Windows 10 instead of a real activation, and why I would never suggest using it

  1. KMSpico do NOT deprive users from getting Security & Features update from Microsoft.
  2. You need to re-activate your Window 10 again and again after 6 months
  3. Your Windows 10 is no longer yours - it belongs to KMS team or KMS administrator. KMS team can perform a number of operations, like copying data to collect your person information, and even more KMS team can directly reset your Windows 10 system and retain KMS permissions.

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Activate Windows 10 Pro Permanently Without Any Activator Software

  • First you need to look at the activation state of the current Windows 10, the method is use "WIN+R" cmd to Open the Run dialog. Then enter command slmgr.vbs-xpr, and click OK. This allows you to view activation information for the current Windows 10. You can see that although the Windows 10 system has been activated, but it will expire after only 180 days. It's always unpleasant.
  • Right-click on the Start Menu, select the Command Prompt (Admin) and click Open. Now you are Starting a Command Prompt as an Administrator.
  • Copy the following command, and then paste it directly into the Command Prompt (Admin) interface.
    1. slmgr /ipk VF7YG-NPHTM-H92JM-3MPGL-3V86T (Don't forget to change the windows 10 product key to the genuine one you buying from
    2. slmgr /skms
    3. slmgr /ato

    At this point, the system will jump out of a pop-up window, prompting a successful activation message.

  • How do I view the Win10 activation status? Press the keyboard "WIN+R" to open the Run dialog, then enter the command slmgr.vbs-xpr, click OK to run the command! A pop-up window appears indicating that Windows 10 Pro has been permanently activated, which indicates that we have successfully.

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