Windows 10 Professional Product Keys + Permanent Activation Method

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Windows 10 Pro Product Key 32/64 Bit (Retail Version)
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Windows 10 Best Features at a Glance

  1. Cortana, users can interact with Cortana through a natural speech interface, and can send letters or messages throughout the whole spoken language.
  2. New Spartan Browser using the next generation of web design style, can also integrate Cortana applications, so that the query more intelligent.
  3. The interface design of the unified Application (Universal Apps) allows the user to enjoy the same experience on a variety of devices.
  4. The new photo app, music app, etc. can be synchronized with the Microsoft Storage Service OneDrive, and the contact app (arranges app) facilitates communication and video with friends.
  5. The Xbox adds community and interactivity, the user can also enjoy the Xbox gaming experience on the PC, and the Xbox App can be found on the Start menu.
  6. Microsoft launched its own brand 84-inch large touch screen surface Hub, support 4K quality video, not only can be used to make phone calls, but also for many people meeting, sharing image information.
  7. Microsoft’s own-brand holographic virtual glasses HoloLens can create 3D stereo virtual space, users can see the image of the full picture, NASA has also used HoloLens for science research.

Why should I Activate Windows 10?

Can I use Windows 10 without activating it?

Activation helps verify that your copy of Windows 10 is genuine or not, and hasn’t been used on multi devices that exceed the allowable number of Microsoft software license Terms. Depending on how you get a copy of Windows 10, the activation method includes using a digital license or a 25-character product key.

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  • A digital license (known as Digital Authorization in Windows 10 Version 1511) is an activation method of Windows 10 that does not require the product key to be entered.

During installation, if a digital license is not found on the computer, you will be prompted to enter the product key. Activating Windows 10 permanently requires a valid product key or digital license; Otherwise, activation cannot continue.

To find the activation method that applies to your copy of Windows 10, see the following table.

If you got Windows 10 by…Activation method
Upgrading to Windows 10 for free from an eligible device running a genuine copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.Digital license
Buying genuine Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store and successfully activated Windows 10.Digital license
Buying a Windows 10 Pro upgrade from the Microsoft Store and successfully activated Windows 10.Digital license
Being a Windows Insider and upgrading to the newest Windows 10 Insider Preview build on an eligible device that was running an activated earlier version of Windows and Windows 10 Preview.Digital license
Buying a copy of Windows 10 from an authorized retailer. Product key (On a label inside the Windows 10 box. A digital license will be given to your device for Windows 10 based on the valid product key you entered.   If you bought your PC from a manufacturer, the manufacturer, not Microsoft, must provide you a product key.)
Buying a digital copy of Windows 10 from an authorized retailer. Product key (In the confirmation email you received after buying Windows 10 or in a digital locker accessible through the retailer’s website. A digital license will be given to your device for Windows 10 based on the valid product key you entered.)
Having a Volume Licensing agreement for Windows 10 or MSDN subscription. Product key (Available through the web portal for your program.)
Buying a new or refurbished device running Windows 10. Product key (Preinstalled on your device, included with the device packaging, or included as a card or on the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) attached to the device.   If you bought a refurbished PC, the refurbisher, not Microsoft, must provide you a product key.)

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Suppose you have bought a Win 10 professional key, you need to create Windows 10 installation media by download Windows 10 ISO file from this page: Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File)

Activation in Windows 10 – Windows Help

It depends on how Windows 10 was originally installed on your device. If you activate a free upgrade of Windows 10 or purchase from an App Store and activate Windows 10 devices, you have a digital license for the device. Where can I Buy Windows 10 Pro Product Key in India or Malaysia? This means that you can reinstall the same version of Windows 10 that has a digital license to your device without having to enter a product key. During re-installation, you can skip this step if the system asks you to enter a product key. When the installation is complete, Windows 10 is automatically activated online.

How to Activate Windows 10 Key after Clean Reinstall

Step 1: Back up important personal data before starting the installation.

Step 2: Setup a Microsoft Account and link your current PC to it.

Setup a Microsoft Account
Set up a Microsoft Account

Step 3: Setup a Microsoft Account

Step 4: Create a install media tool for Windows 10. For example, a USB installer.

Create installation media for Windows 10
Windows 10 Setup – What do you want to do?

Step 5: Skip the “Enter a Product Key” prompt

  1. Skip the key entry during setup and activate Windows 10 using the Microsoft account that you just registered.
Skip Enter a Product Key in Windows 10
Enter a product key

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How to Activate Windows 10 using OEM/Retail key?

What’s the different: OEM KEY vs. RETAIL KEY

On a device that has never installed and activated a copy of Windows 10, you need to activate it with a valid product key. During installation, you will be asked to enter a valid key. When the installation is complete, Windows 10 is automatically activated online.

If you purchased a new device running Windows 10, it will automatically activate when you connect the device to the Internet.

To view the activation status in Windows 10, select the “Start” button > and then select “Settings” > “Update & security” > “Activation“. If Windows 10 is not active on the device, see Get Help for Windows 10 activation errors for more information.

Check if your Windows 10 is activated
Check if your Windows 10 is activated

How to Activate the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview

If you are a member of the Windows Preview experience and you are already running the internal version of Windows 10 Insider Preview, you will automatically receive a new build that has been activated on the device before upgrading to a new build.

Read More: How To Fix Windows 10 Activation Common Errors

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How to re-activate Windows 10 after a Hardware Change

If you have a major hardware replacement for your device (such as replacing a motherboard), Windows 10 may no longer be active, and you may see the activation error code 0x803f7001 or 0xc004c008.

If your device is running Windows 10 version 1607 or later and you have linked your Microsoft account to a digital license, you can reactivate Windows 10 by using the Activate troubleshooter.

To use the Activation troubleshooter:

  1. Sign in as an administrator.
  2. Select the Start button, then select Settings  > Update & Security  > Activation  > Troubleshoot. The troubleshooter will show Windows can’t be activated on your device.
  3. Select I changed hardware on this device recently, then select Next.
  4. Enter your connected Microsoft account and password, then select Sign in. The troubleshooter will only work with the connected Microsoft account.
  5. From the list of devices that are linked to your Microsoft account, select the check box next to This is the device I’m using right now. 
  6. Select Activate.

If the original hardware manufacturer (OEM) has replaced the motherboard for you, your computer should be activated automatically, or a replacement product key should be provided for you. If you see activation error “Cannot access Windows activation Server”, follow the steps in this additional help article.

Guide & Help: Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change

How to re-activate Windows 10 after a hardware change (Insider Preview)

Buying a refurbished device running Windows 10

When you purchase a refurbished device running Windows 10, you will need to activate Windows 10 using the Product key on the Certificate of Authenticity that came with the device.

Change Windows 10's product key
Change product key

Change Windows 10 product key:

  1. Select the “Start” button, then select “Settings” and “Update & security” and “Activation“.
  2. Select “Change Product Key“.
  3. Type the product key found on the Certificate of Authenticity and follow the instructions.

Generic License Keys for Windows 10 Full Version – Serial Number Technical Review

Choose your favorite edition of Win10, download ISO image installation files here:

Windows 10 OS All Editions:

  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Home N
  • Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 10 Pro N
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Enterprise N
  • Windows 10 Education (full name: Windows 10 Professional for Education)
  • Windows 10 Education N
  • Windows 10 Mobile
  • Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise
  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • Windows 10 S

Windows 10 Full Version Product keys: (Updated on May 2019: Working)

Below License keys working on both 64-Bit version of Windows 10 (X64) and 32-Bit version of Windows 10 (X86). If the following activation keys has expired, we recommend that you purchase a legal one online. You can Download Windows 10 from MS official store or buy a cd key online with paypal (our price is much cheaper).

Windows 10 EditionProduct Key
Windows 10 HomeTX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99
Windows 10 Home Single Language7HNRX-D7KGG-3K4RQ-4WPJ4-YTDFH
Windows 10 Home Country Specific (CN)PVMJN-6DFY6-9CCP6-7BKTT-D3WVR
Windows 10 Home N3KHY7-WNT83-DGQKR-F7HPR-844BM
Windows 10 ProfessionalW269N-WFGWX-YVC9B-4J6C9-T83GX
Windows 10 Professional N MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
Windows 10 Enterprise NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43
Windows 10 Enterprise N DPH2V-TTNVB-4X9Q3-TJR4H-KHJW4
Windows 10 Enterprise SFWN7H-PF93Q-4GGP8-M8RF3-MDWWW
Windows 10 Education NW6C2-QMPVW-D7KKK-3GKT6-VCFB2
Windows 10 Education N 2WH4N-8QGBV-H22JP-CT43Q-MDWWJ
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB WNMTR-4C88C-JK8YV-HQ7T2-76DF9
Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB N2F77B-TNFGY-69QQF-B8YKP-D69TJ
Windows 10 CoreKTNPV-KTRK4-3RRR8-39X6W-W44T3
Windows 10 Core Single Language BT79Q-G7N6G-PGBYW-4YWX6-6F4BT
Windows 10 Full Version Product Key 8DVY4-NV2MW-3CGTG-XCBDB-2PQFM

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